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It is an ionophore anticoccidial in microgranule form, approved by the European Union BSA.

It contains 200g/kg of monensin sodium. It shows its anticoccidial activity by disrupting the membrane permeability of parasite cells.

It has a special mechanism of action that minimizes the risk of resistance.
Helps to develop natural immunity against coccidiosis.
It does not have a negative effect on feed, water consumption and hair growth.
Compatible with all feedstuffs.
Maintains its stability during processes such as pelleting.
Homogeneously distributed in premixes and feeds. It allows precise dosing.
It has optimum particle distribution (200-500 micron) and excellent fluidity.

It is used for the control of coccidiosis in broilers and broiler turkeys.
Withdrawal Time: 1 day.

In 20 kg bags.

It is not used in laying hens and breeders. It is toxic to horses. It should not be used with some chemicals such as thiamulin, erythromycin, oleandomycin, sulfadimethoxine, sulfadimidine and sulfaquinoxaline.


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