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Boost Efficiency and
Profitability of Production

Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA



It is a feed additive produced as a digestive system regulator.

β – glucan, Mannan-Oligosaccharid, Aromatic compounds

Increases use of feed and lowers FCR.
Balances the metabolism in high protein feeds.
Minimizes metabolism damage during the peak period.
Optimum energy and protein utilization
High nutrient absorption in ileum
Less nutrient transfer to the caecum
Stimulates the increase of digestive secretions.
Development of lymph immune system
Protection against liver diseases
Reduces the negative effects of physiological stresses
Liver regeneration
Increases antibody level
Increases macrophage activity.
Improves Immunoglobulin (IGA, IGM, IGG) and cytokine production.
Increases the number of beneficial bacteria by preventing pathogenic proliferation.
Activates the digestion of nutrients by increasing the amount of digestive tract secretion and the competition of microorganisms for food.
It is protective and therapeutic against mycotoxin and nutrition-related metabolism diseases in the liver.
As a result, it creates better feed utilization, better growth and more favorable gut health.

0.5 kg is added to a ton of feed

In 25 kg bags.


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