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Boost Efficiency and
Profitability of Production

Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA



It is a feed additive produced to support the digestive system.

Probiotic, Coated Butyric acid, Herbal extracts and Essential oils

It does not bring additional cost to the ration with its proven matrix values
Reduces feed cost with increase in digestibility, and increases profitability
Increases volatile fatty acid production with ideal fermentation in the digestive system
Strengthens the immune system, reduces general health problems.
Improves intestinal health, suppresses harmful microorganisms
Reduces Salmonella and Campylobacter excretion
Regulates stool quality and reduces the rate of dirty eggs
Supports organs by reducing the effects of oxidation agents

500 gr is added to a ton of feed.

In 25 kg bags


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