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Boost Efficiency and
Profitability of Production

Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA



It is a feed additive produced as toxin binder and liver protector in ruminants, poultry, fish and all pet species.

Activated Carbon, Bentonite Montmorillonite, HSCAS, Naturamos, Aromatic compounds, Essential oils

Provides effective binding of target molecules at low doses with ionic minerals with high binding capacity.
Minimizes tissue, organ and metabolic damage of mycotoxins during the absorption phase.
Supports the increase of the number of natural microorganisms in the digestive system with its specific processed yeast extracts and birch extracts-essential oils.
Destroys the chemical bonds of toxins with microbial enzymes and converts them to non-toxin metabolites
With the active plant extracts and essential oils in it, it prevents the negative effects of myco-toxins on the liver, kidney and intestinal system and ensures the detoxification to work comfortably.
Prevents mycotoxins from causing lipid peroxidation and inflammation due to oxidative stress in tissues, organs and cells.
Supports the protection of tissues, organs and cells thanks to the active substances in it.
Provides immune system activation with specially processed yeast, plant extracts and essential oils, reducing the pressure of mycotoxins on the immune system.

0.5-1 kg is added to a ton of feed.

In 20 kg bags.


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