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Boost Efficiency and
Profitability of Production

Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA



It is a versatile concentrated premix specially combined for the egg layer.

It contains Endo 1-4- β-Xylanase, 6- Phytase, Organic Acid, Toxin Binder, Chick Vitamin-Minerals, Emulsifier for laying rations.

Provides complete and correct nutrition for laying hens with its versatile formulation.
Provides improvement in performance factors such as live weight gain and feed conversion rate.
Increases egg quality.
Prevents watery and sticky stools.
Ensures that the intestinal flora is healthier.
Increases the absorption surface of intestinal villi with the volatile fatty acids it contains, improves feed utilization and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes.
Enables the preparation of a homogeneous feed containing the same amount of nutrients in each gram with its optimum participation rate and physical structure.
It meets the daily needs of animals with the vitamins-minerals it contains in a single mixture.
Increases feed efficiency and improves litter quality thanks to the enzymes it contains.
Supports bone development with specially formulated DCP and essential fatty acids.
Prevents the risk of spoilage and toxication in feed with the antioxidant and organic acids in its formula.
Improves herd uniformity.
Saves time and labor.
Prevents errors that may occur in stock tracking and feed production.
Easily mixed with the food with its balanced formulation.
Allows more uniform herd breeding.
Shows the highest activity at pH levels in the upper digestive system, where phosphorus digestion is highest.
Unlike first generation phytases, it is resistant to pepsin.
Resistant to high pelleting temperatures thanks to its special coating technology that does not restrict its release in the digestive system.
Allows to reduce the inorganic phosphorus rate added to the feed.
Reduces environmental pollution.

It is added to 5 KG / TON feed for Layer Hens

In 25 kg bags.


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