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Boost Efficiency and
Profitability of Production

Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA



Reduces the negative effects of stress

The bioavailability of the product has shown its positive effects with the improvement of feed consumption, better immune response during vaccination and regrouping of the herd in case of any disease, with long-term studies.

Revital Plus Liquid contains fermentation extracts, nutrients, chelators and organic acids.

Stress and immunity:

It has a positive effect on poultry health and feed conversion.

It is effective against colonization or infection with the potential of pathogenic microorganisms.

Source of stress:

·Clinical and subclinical infections.

. Undetectable endotoxins.

· Physical conditions (Transportation, seasonal changes, etc.)

· Transition from feed to feed.

· Vaccination,

During the recovery period after the diseases, it starts to regroup the animals.

Benefits of Revital Plus Liquid:

It provides the bioavailability of the feed and improvement in FCR. (better use of Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and metabolic energy)

It provides an excellent environment for the development of beneficial bacteria.

Findings obtained as a result of researches:

It restores the function of damaged organs such as liver and kidney.

It lowers the pH in the digestive tract.

It eliminates the toxins formed as a result of bad fermentation by providing optimum fermentation in the intestines.

It creates a healthier microbial environment for digestion by regulating the intestinal pH.

1-4 liters of feed per ton

0.5-2 is used per cubic meter of drinking water.


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