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Enhancing Animal Health and Your Profits with ELMIRA


Calf Foods

By providing the necessary levels of protein and fat for calves, it promotes the growth of young animals in a healthy way.
The targeted results in calf breeding and productive herds are reached thanks to its well-balanced formula.

Ruminant All Item

Whey powder, skimmed milk powder, vegetable oils, whey protein, maltodextrins, soluble wheat protein, lactose, prebiotic fibers, magnesium hydroxide, emulsifier, fish oil, sodium butyrate, additives and micro ingredients.

Enterecocus Faecium, probiotics (B. Infantis and R. Rhamnosus), L Carnitine, Samartcare, Nucleotides (Cytidine-5, Inosine-5, Guanosine-5, Adenosine-5) Inositol, Taurine.

Special Supplements
Vegetable Extracts, Organic Acids, Mannan Oligasaccharides, Vitamin C, Activated Carbon.

Thanks to the presence of unique plant extracts, it increases feed consumption and growth performance in comparison to regular formulas.
Enriched with highly bioavailable milk proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
Provides protection against coccidiosis, dysbacteriosis and non-specific enteritis.
Supports healthy growth by boosting immunity against septicemia and other infections.
Reduces mortality rate.
Protects the epithelium of the digestive tract, stimulates the growth of papillae and villi, ensures the formation of a healthy flora.
Very tasty, calves and lambs consume it with appetite.
Provides excellent protection against toxins with its unique ingredient activated carbon.
Improves fat digestion by promoting fat emulsification in water in the aqueous content of the intestinal lumen.
The formation of small, stable micelles aids in nutrient transport and absorption through the intestinal wall and epithelial cells. Because of its specific additives, it improves feed digestion.

In 25 kg kraft bags.

1 kg of Bonny Milk formula is dissolved in 8 Lt of water (at 42-45 C) to obtain 9 Lt of milk substitute.


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