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Ammonia Binder

It reduces protein solubility and binding ammonia in ruminant animals.

Increases feed utilization
It minimizes the negative effects of antinutritional components
in raw materials and by-products resulting from digestion.
Improves liver functions.
Decreases the number of somatic cells.
Binds and eliminates excess ammonia.
Regulates the use of protein and prevents its waste.
Regulates energy use and prevents waste.
Improves fertility and milk quality in dairy cows.
Provides extra energy by improving the synthesis of volatile fatty acids in the rumen.

1-2 kg is added to a ton of feed.

It is a complex product obtained from the composition of Yeast cell wall (S.Cerevisiae), herbal extracts, tannins, saponins, minerals and antioxidants.

In 25 kg kraft bags.

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